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Caravan Services

Prevention is always better than a cure, especially on your trip! We recommend regular maintenance and pre-trip inspections to help eliminate the need for future trailer repairs. 

Did you know that all caravans need a service either every 10,000km or 12 months, which ever comes first?

Our team here at Supacentre Caravan Repairs are trained and experienced technicians and are happy to share the wealth of knowledge with you, and give you guidance in maintaining your caravan or trailer.

A service can help you avoid running into troubles while you are out on the road. It is very frustrating heading off on a holiday, only to have a problem with your van. Our service is designed to help you avoid that happening. 


Caravan Servicing

  • Repairs

  • Replacement or repair of wheel bearings

  • Electric and Hydraulic Brake repairs

  • General repairs to chassis and / or undercarriage

  • Jockey Wheels

  • Tyre air pressure

  • Checking for wear & tear or cracks in the leaf springs and bushes of the suspension

  • Checking the effectiveness of the trailer brakes and brake controllers

  • Ensuring all trailer lights are working

  • All security tools and mechanisms (e.g. stabiliser legs, straps, chains, ratchets and winches) are in good working order

Trailer Inspection_1

Marine & Trailer Servicing

  • Box Trailers

  • Boat Trailers

  • Horse Floats

  • Car & Motorcycle Trailers

  • Utility Trailers

  • Trailer Fleet Management



  • Electrical

  • Bike Racks

  • Solar Additions

  • Dual Battery 

  • Water Pump Installation

  • Chassiss Upgrades

  • Water & Grey Tank Add-ons 


begin your next trip with your best foot forward. 

Our ServicING MENU

All services include lubricant, grease and split pins. All additional parts and repairs are additional. 

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