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Storing your Caravan with us!

Peace of mind is incredibly important when choosing to have your caravan stored on a long-term basis. And that's exactly what we'll provide with the capacity to store up to 40 at one given time. 


Our caravan storage facilities have the following security measures

security icons-06.png

Coupling locks mandatory on all caravans

security icons-07.png

24/7 monitored security, including alarm and cameras

security icons-08.png

Bollards and heavy duty barriers around the entire property

Camper Van

Starting at $86 Per Month!

Our Hastings location offers 1 acre of affordable secure outside caravan storage for up to 40 vans, boats or motorhome storage. Call us to find out more.

Our secure storage rate is $86 per month period, payment is required in advance on commencement of your storage site. We require a minimum storage period of 1 month.  

We also offer the opportunity for pre-trip checks, a pre-trip wash of your van as well as swap & go gas bottles. 


If you're storing a trailer of any type (caravan, camper, boat etc), we will need to hold a spare key for your hitch lock, so we can move it in our yard if needed. As well as a spare car key for any cars being stored. This will be discussed and arranged when you sign an agreement with us. We will not hold keys for access to the inside of your caravan.

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